Market Access

We are actively engaged in sourcing and providing market access to FDA and CE approved health care products including high-end branded generics manufacturers for market entry in the MEA markets. Our strength lies in our well-established customer base in both the private and public health sector across these regions. Our team of experienced health care professionals is uniquely qualified to identify products that have the potential to meet the unmet medical needs of the markets we serve.

There is a growing opportunity for manufacturers of innovative health solutions wishing to enter the MEA markets. Having an intimate knowledge of the local health environment and an expert level of understanding of those products can create the most value and is paramount to a successful market access strategy.

Currently, competitors offering the comprehensive services offered by the Medica IQ platform are few and far between. The closest would be agency representation requiring exclusive territory agreements, that are difficult to terminate. Individual fee for service consultancies that will focus on matching companies with local distributors or Free Trade Zones that offer no back office integration, regulatory or product distributor relationships. Our curated platform operates differently, we can not only sponsor health companies wishing to enter this market but also act as a business accelerator and master distributor. Enabling the swift commercialization of innovative health and pharmaceutical solutions that meet the health delivery and regulatory requirements of the region.

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