Healthcare Investment Advisory

Medica IQ’s healthcare investment advisory focuses on healthcare and life sciences
companies where we have the experience, knowledge and network to identify compelling
investments across the spectrum of small private companies to large pharmaceutical firms.
Medica IQ looks to assist experienced management teams in executing promising business
plans to discover, develop and commercialize novel innovative diagnostics, therapeutics and
medical devices companies. Medica IQ’s capabilities include:
• Proprietary network of health-care industry executives and clinical consultants
• Translating technical scientific advice into actionable investment ideas
• Primary research coverage of product companies
• Structuring investment strategies with enhanced risk/reward characteristics
Medica IQ also advises institutional investors on negotiated transactions, including direct
investments in private and public life sciences companies as well as pharmaceutical and
biotechnology product royalty and revenue streams. Medica IQ has advised institutional
investors, fund of funds, and family offices on their healthcare alternative investment
strategies, including investments in healthcare private equity funds.

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